Vegetation and Fuels Management

Wildfire Risk Reduction at Your Home

Teton Conservation District provides free Wildfire Risk Overviews of residential and commercial properties and works with land and property owners to develop a plan for reducing that risk. Through their Wildfire Risk Reduction Program, Teton Conservation District can provide up to 50% of the cost of vegetation management surrounding structures.

Teton Conservation District


Slash Piles
Piles are stacked for fall burning helping to remove fuels from forested areas around neighborhoods.

Fuels Reduction Projects

The first phase of the Teton to Snake fuels reduction project has begun within the Old Teton Pass area. Fuels reduction contractor’s will be along the Old Pass Road, Trail Creek trails and Black Canyon Summer home’s area, this fall and the summer of 2018,  cutting and stacking forest debris in an effort to minimize the high fire hazards. The purpose of the Teton to Snake Fuels Project is to meet the needs to be a good neighbor, reduce the risk fire of suppression hazards and associated resource impacts, and meet legal obligations to protect wilderness character within the Palisades Wilderness Study Area by:

  • Improving firefighter and public safety; reducing expected fire flame length to less than 4 feet and reducing the potential for crown fires within the defense zone.
  • Reducing wildland fire spread potential to and from national forest system and state and private lands.
  • Increasing the probability that managers can respond to natural fire starts using tactics that are lighter on the land and allow fire to operate more freely in contributing to natural ecosystem processes.

For more information on the Teton to Snake Project and your role towards becoming fire adapted call, 307-739-5425.

Prescribed Fire Information

The primary objectives for these burns is to improve forage conditions for wildlife habitat, decrease fuel build-up reducing potential of high risk wildfires, and restore fire to the landscape to play a more historical and natural role in the environment.

2016 South Fall Creek

Firefighters successfully completed the black line operations on April 18th, 2016 and returned two days later to finalize the burn operations within the interior of the unit. This second entry has allowed fire managers to meet the projects objectives and therefore, further treatment in the fall of 2016 will not be necessary. The South Fall Creek project is identified within the Teton County Community Wildfire Protection Plan and is one of five units identified in the larger Hoback Fuels Reduction Project for community fire protection. fire fighters burn sagebrush to help reduce the fuel load and reduce fire behavior in the event of a wildland fire

fire fighters burn sagebrush to help reduce the fuel load and reduce fire behavior in the event of a wildland fire

LOCATION: South Fall Creek in the Hoback Junction area of the Jackson Ranger District.

Completed : April 18 and 21, 2016


CONTACT: Lesley Williams-Gomez 307-739-5424

Beaver Mountain

LOCATION: Jackson Ranger District, Beaver Mountain, south of the Bryan Flats area in Hoback Canyon.

SCHEDULED: Fall 2018

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT: Lesley Williams-Gomez 307-739-5424