Fall Clean Up

In the West it’s a matter of when, not if, wildfire impacts our community. The Teton Area Wildfire Protection Coalition encourages all residents to clear and maintain the home ignition zone around their residences and outbuildings. The 2017 Fall Clean- Up offers a great incentive to pick up the yard, clean out the gutters, and … More Fall Clean Up

Burn Piles

Be prepared for burn week! Here is the information for Teton county: OPEN BURN INFORMATION (Only for those outside of Town of Jackson) Open Burn is pile > 3’ wide x 2’ tall (recreational fire) To report your Open Burn, please contact Jackson Hole Fire/EMS at 733-4732. Open burns are allowed in the Town of Jackson only … More Burn Piles

Its Good Time to Work on Defensible Space

As it starts to cool down it is a good time to start doing work to improve your homes defensible space.  Creating good defensible space can greatly increase the chances of your homes survival in a wildfire.  Limbing trees, getting rid of dead and down, and thinning tree stands are all good methods for creating and maintaining your … More Its Good Time to Work on Defensible Space

Even a Small Campfire Can Spread

The Cold Springs fire is a great example of how important it is to put your campfire out completely before leaving. In Nederland, Colorado two forest visitors left their campfire going and it escaped, starting the Cold Springs fire which spread into the local community, burning 8 homes.  Leaving a fire unattended is a felony arson charge with a maximum … More Even a Small Campfire Can Spread