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For the safety or your loved ones, home and fire fighters it is crucial to take steps to prepare your home for a wildfire. If your property is in or next to forested land(wildland urban interface), wildfire are a natural and healthy occurrence of the landscape. In many instances either due to home location or fire severity, fire fighting units may not be able to access and or protect your home. If you do live in a forested area it is your responsibility to be aware of the hazards of living in such a location. To mitigate this danger there are steps and methods that can be taken before a wildfire to ensure the safety of your family, home and firefighters. Every small step you take is a step in the right direction to preparing yourself for a wildfire. There are different programs and formulas such as Firewise, Read, Set, Go!, Fire Adaptive Communities and the simple construction of a defensible space. Below are descriptions of the different formulas. By working together and following these methods we can be a community that adapts to the natural process of wildfire.

Started by fire scientist, Jack Cohen, firewise is the highest preparedness level your house can achieve. The goal of the firewise formula is to enable your house to withstand a wildfire with no defensive measures being needed from firefighting forces. This is the safest method for homeowners and firefighters because no one needs to be between the fire and the home.  Also like mentioned previously the firefighters might not be able to defend your home.

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The Wild Neighborhoods program is a coalition of local agencies and non-profits in Jackson Hole, Wyoming that provides homeowners with information and resources regarding proactive measures to reduce conflicts with wildlife and prepare for wildfire.


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