Mosquito Creek North Prescribed Burn

Fire managers on the Jackson Ranger District of the Bridger Teton National Forest are monitoring conditions in the Mosquito Creek area to conduct prescribed fire operations on the north side of the Mosquito drainage. Burning will initiate when conditions are favorable to meet burn objectives. Mosquito Creek North RX is a compartment identified within the Teton to Snake Fuels Reduction project .

The goal of the burns is to reduce hazardous fuels and allow fire to play its natural role on National Forest Systems land, specifically within the Palisades Wilderness Study Area. The unit is located along the ridgeline, on the north side of the Mosquito Creek Road adjacent to Green Knoll fire footprint and approximately 2 miles west of Fall Creek Road. The project area for the ridgeline treatment is 119 acres, these acres represent the total unit and do not represent to total area burned.  due to the small area treated is anticipated a minimum of 2-6 firefighters will staff this burn. If conditions are favorable, burning would take place this spring (2018) when south facing slopes within the project area have minimal snow and north facing slopes have snow cover to contain the burn from advancing to the north.

Treatments such as thinning and prescribed fires have been proven to be effective in changing fire behavior and helping control efforts on hundreds of wildfires nationwide. Thinning, prescribed burns, and managing wildfires to achieve natural resource management objectives can help to prevent uncharacteristic wildfires with minimal impacts to air quality while smoke from uncharacteristic wildfires may pose significant risks to public health and safety. During an uncontrolled wildfire, heavy fuel loads and mixed conifer trees ignite and generate flying embers, which can travel long distances creating “spot fires” which then ignite new fires. It is this fire behavior that causes an unwanted fire to spread quickly and uncontrollably as the community experienced with the Green Knoll Fire in 2001.

Defensible space and fire protection is a community responsibility. Unwanted wildfire is not restricted or limited to jurisdictional boundaries. Fire staff is available to help provide information and offer a home inspection to help you as a home owner, create a defensible space on your side of the property line. Together we can create a fire safe community and provide protection to firefighters should an unwanted fire start near your neighborhood. For more information please call  307-739-5424



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